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Who We Are

Doctor Talent delivers innovative recruitment solutions for clients in wide range of industries in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best quality candidates available in the market for each position.

Our successful process is based on many years of experience partnering at a senior level with clients to understand and fulfill their hiring needs. We deliver value through our creative and thorough candidate sourcing approach and the comprehensive support we provide to both clients and candidates throughout the hiring process.

We combine international best practices with a strong local market understanding to find and attract the top talent in Central Europe for our clients.

Our clients include major and recognized local and international companies. We have a passion for excellence in our profession to be regarded as the "go-to" recruiting firm with delivers results in each of our specialty fields. As a result, we maintain long-term partnerships with many of our clients.

Our Selection Services to Meet Your Needs

Doctor Talent offers multiple services to identify and select candidates; we approach the needs of each client individually and in collaboration with our partners.  Based on our initial client briefing, we gain maximum information about the relevant positions and business context and then recommend the most appropriate recruitment solution.


Quick Recruitment

Standard recruitment methods (targeted advertising, database recruitment, social media sourcing, referral sourcing) are usually most effective in the areas of lower and middle management, administration, and positions without active language knowledge requirements. We call this recruitment method Quick Recruitment.


Smart Recruitment

When recruiting for managers and „narrow-profile“ specialists, the method of targeted direct recruitment is often more effective. With this method, it is possible to precisely identify suitable candidates and approach and engage them regarding a job offer. Combining the standard recruitment method (Quick Recruitment) and this targeted direct recruitment is our Smart Recruitment service.


Project Recruitment

When clients have multiple positions to recruit, Doctor Talent offers a mix of Quick Recruitment and Smart Recruitment within a larger project, managed by a dedicated consultant.  Benefits of Project Recruitment include volume hiring of both general and specialized positions, improved candidate choice and market employee branding at discounted pricing due to position volumes.


Talent Pooling

Talent pooling builds an engaged and pre-screened group of desirable and qualified candidates that have been proactively selected to be ready for roles when they arrive.  This is relevant particularly for roles that are crucial to the business and hard to fill.  Talent pooling involves engaging over time with a selected group of passive and active candidates, building relationships with them and inviting them to apply for key roles.  It creates a engaged pool of candidates who are ready to hire and eliminates the need to search the market each time your organisation has a vacancy.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Partnering with Doctor Talent for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) allows both large and mid-sized companies to access a world-class recruitment function. Our RPO team works seamlessly within your HR management structure to develop and manage and execute the entire recruitment lifecycle for your professional-level staff.


Why use recruitment process outsourcing services? As your business grows, your volume of requests for new hires can increase rapidly.  In this situation, most HR departments don’t have enough bandwidth to cover all of their company’s recruiting needs. Doctor Talent RPO is ready to interface with your existing structure to augment the recruitment process throughout the entire enterprise or wherever you need us in the recruitment process.


Benefits of RPO Solutions:

  • Measurable results — SLA and KPI driven metrics and outcomes
  • Lowered cost & shared risk — Flexible and scalable to accommodate your fluctuating needs
  • Reduced time-to-fill — Multi-tiered sourcing strategy accelerates the process
  • Optimized technology — Vendor neutral approach to assessing either existing or new systems
  • System-wide savings — Economies of scale reduce cost
  • Consistency — Streamlines recruiting functions across multiple regions / business units
  • Uniformity — Promotes and protects your branding worldwide
  • Top talent — Maximum in-country / regional scope and high-touch approach attract top talent
  • Compliance — Meets industry and governance regulations
  • Centralization — Single contact account management and vendor management
  • Quality — Use our best practice assessment tools and interview techniques to select the best candidate for each role

Our Process

We know finding quality talent is a critical priority for your company’s success, so we’ve built and refined a process to ensure we have the right plan to deliver every time. We create a customized strategy to find each position using the following industry best practices, by:

  • Conducting personal meetings with hiring managers to develop realistic job profiles;
  • Developing position-specific sourcing criteria and strategies to identify passive and active candidates in-country and in-region;
  • Executing thorough candidate sourcing and assessment, using best practice tools and technologies (including psychometric testing) to identify and select the highest quality passive and active candidates for your roles;
  • Providing calibration candidates to align our sourcing strategy with role criteria;
  • Interviewing, presenting relevant candidates with evaluations aligned with job profiles;
  • Facilitating candidate – client interviews as per client needs and participating as needed
  • Partnering with hiring managers at each step of decision-making process to ensure they hire the right candidate.
  • Regular follow up with client and candidate to ensure long-term retention and growth of candidate in client company
  • Providing clients with market intelligence throughout process regarding: market talent availability, salary levels, client employee branding, client hiring process, onboarding, retention.

Fees & Benefits of Choosing Doctor Talent

Why choose Doctor Talent?

When you choose Doctor Talent, you are working with a highly-experienced team which has recruited and hired over 3000 employees in Czech Republic, Europe and North America.  We are committed to be your talent partner and build with you a true recruiting „relationship“ that goes beyond transactions.  We offer you a variety of recruiting solutions to secure the highest quality candidates available for competitive fees.  Our fees can be customized for your budget and payment needs, contingency-based and project-based.  We are client-focused, and never forget that we work for you throughout the recruitment process.


Recruitment Fees:

Our recruitment fee is market-competitive and always negotiated individually with our clients, depending on the complexity of the brief.  Recruitment fees are based on the specifics of each position or group of positions, the recruitment methods used, the number of positions and other circumstances of each project.


In the event that the hired candidate and our client terminate the employment contract during the notice period, Doctor Talent will replace the candidate within the context of the original mandate.


When requested, Doctor Talent maintains agreed confidentiality of client identity during the recruitment process.

Our Commitment to Our Clients: Code of Ethics:

  • Ethical business behavior and communication is at the core of our daily recruitment activities.
  • We work in each industry for only a limited number of clients who are not in direct competition with each other.
  • We have a clear policy not to recruit from our clients, they are our partners.
  • Our search and recruitment of candidates is done in an assertive, diplomatic and tactful manner, which reflects the values of our client companies.

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